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Photos by Adam Klepp

75 cents to numb the pain: Tucsonans share their addiction stories

The street price for one fentanyl pill is 75 cents to $2. Getting high is cheap and easy, people in recovery say getting clean is difficult but not impossible.

By Adam Klepp
May 2024

“In Arizona, an average of more than five people die a day from overdoses, and there are tens of thousands of opioid-related hospitalizations every year….

Staying clean is the goal. Darren Mangan and Anthony Noperi are clean for the first time in their adult lives.

“I never thought I was going to get out,” Mangan said.

“I ended up in ICU,” Noperi said.“I’ve suffered a lot. I’ve done 12 years in prison for my addiction.”

They both say even in the darkest of times, recovery is possible.”

– Adam Klepp, KGUN9

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Photos by Adam Klepp

Overdose prevention efforts continue as lawmakers take funds from an opioid settlement

Arizona’s Attorney General is criticizing Governor Hobbs and GOP lawmakers for covering a budget deficit with funds meant for addiction prevention

By Adam Klepp
June 2024

“A big battle is brewing over the newly adopted state budget, as state Attorney General Kris Mayes says she’s planning on withholding Opioid settlement funds she says the budget uses to cover a deficit…

Currently, local recovery centers are already taking advantage of government programs to help their clients.

Lenny Simons runs Changing Lanes Recovery, and is able to get free Narcan and Fentanyl test strips from Pima County.”

– Adam Klepp, KGUN9

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Udall Park

April 2024

“If you were just hanging out in Udall Park, it would look like your average pick-up softball game.

While competition in the four-team tournament is fierce, it’s the challenges off the field that the players are trying to win.

‘When you get into recovery, a lot of us we don’t know how to live sober,’ Lenny Simons says. ‘This allows a way for us to get back into the community, doing things here in Tucson.’

Everyone on the field is either in addiction recovery, they’re supporting someone in recovery, or they are pretrial or probation officers.”

– Adam Klepp, KGUN9

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First Annual Fall Festival

Community Connections

October 2023

The Changing Lanes Recovery Fall Festival 2023 was a heartwarming event that united clients in recovery, community members, and local law enforcement agencies in Tucson. This festive gathering offered a variety of activities, including pumpkin carving, games, delicious food, and exciting prizes. However, the most significant aspect of the event was the opportunity for individuals in recovery to interact with members of the Tucson Police Department, Local Probation, and Federal Officers in a positive and supportive environment. By fostering these connections, the festival highlighted the importance of community involvement and giving back to others as a means to strengthen relationships and promote unity within the community.

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Peter Piper Pizza Party

Coming Together

August 2023

Coming together with friends and family holds paramount importance, especially for individuals in recovery from various challenges such as addiction, mental health issues, or any other personal struggle. The support and connection offered by loved ones play a significant role in sustaining long-term recovery.

4th of July Bash

Community Connection

July 4, 2023

Events like today’s create a space where clients can interact with their officers in ways that support recovery. Probation officers can go beyond their traditional roles to become key members of a client’s support team. This new approach builds trust and collaboration between the officer and the client, which is crucial for successful rehabilitation.

When probation officers engage with clients supportively, it strengthens their relationship and makes supervision more effective. Clients are more likely to open up about their challenges, fears, and goals when they feel their officers genuinely care about their well-being and want to help them succeed.

Events like the Fourth of July Bash also contribute to a sense of community and belonging. Clients in recovery benefit from being around others who understand their journey and can offer encouragement and guidance. These events create a supportive network among participants, reinforcing the idea that they are not alone in their recovery process.

In summary, events that help probation officers and clients connect more deeply lead to a more positive and effective rehabilitation experience. Recognizing probation officers as part of their support team makes clients more likely to stay engaged in their recovery, comply with probation requirements, and successfully reintegrate into society.

Bake Sale

April 15, 2023

El Rio Presentation

Giving a Presentation at El Rio Club Med on Substance Abuse Treatment!
Special Thanks to El Rio! 

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